He will treat us

Aug 20 – He will treat us – Psalm 103:9-10


     David today continues with the benefits of knowing the Lord.  The Lord will not harbour His

anger towards us forever.  David knew this from personal experience.  When he sinned with Bathsheba

God was not angry forever.  When David repented God gave him and Bathsheba another son who was

Named Solomon.  Good can come out of bad.  So repent and see God’s goodness.

     The Lord does not treat us according to what we deserve or repay us according to our iniquities.  The

Lord is compassionate, loving, kind and graceful.  David wants to remind his audience that God is not an

Angry deity looking to punish everyone.  He only brings judgment as a last resort.  So today fear the Lord

but this is respect.  God will be gracious, kind and loving to you if you keep short accounts with Him.