Heal the Broken Hearted

In Luke 4:18, Jesus says that He was sent to heal the broken hearted.  This is a condition that can be caused by many different things.  You can can have a broken heart because of a bad relationship with another person.  Everyone goes into relationships with others with the expectation that it will be a good thing.  Yet many times the opposite happens.  This can be caused by selfishness, unrealistic expectations or bad communication.  Things go wrong and then people get hurt.  Things are thought, said and done that create bad feelings and Barriers and then broken relationships.  After that people get hurt and become cynical and hard.  Jesus came to heal and restore trust, forgiveness and love.  When you come into relationship with Jesus.   He never leaves or forsakes you.  He will never reject you no matter what you do to Him.  He will always forgive you and love you unconditionally.  He will always believe and expect the best from you.  You will never disappoint Him and He will always love you.  This in turn will give you confidence again and through His forgiveness and healing you will begin to trust others again and eventually reach out to others.  Through Jesus Christ you will learn how to love and trust.  You will go into relationships with unconditional, love acceptance and forgiveness.  You will trust, believe and work with others.  You will believe the best but not be surprised by the worst.  What will happen is through Jesus Christ you will learn to love yourself.  You will have a proper view of yourself and others.  Jesus Christ is waiting to heal your broken heart.  Come and let Him do that today in every area of your life.