Help those who are weak

Help those who are weak – Rom 14:1-2

Vs 1 – Paul says that we are to accept those whose faith is weak or weaker than ours without passing judgment on matters of dispute.  There have always been areas of contention and there will always be but we must come to a mutual understanding.  Christians are at different levels of understanding and growth.  They may be strong in one area and not another.  We must find mutual grounds of discussion and go from there.  Never pass judgment on another especially on areas you do not agree on.

Vs 2 – One Christian has no problem eating every kind of food while another only eats vegetables.  There are conscientious differences in opinion especially in the matter of food.  Yet we should not break fellowship over what Paul deems as minor things.  We break fellowship when someone teaches wrongly about Jesus Christ knowingly.  It is our job to correct in love but if someone refuses to change their mind about their wrong teaching about Jesus Christ then we must for conscience sake break fellowship until they come back to the truth.