His feet

Jan 20 – His feet – Rev 1:15

Vs 15 – His feet glowing like bronze in a furnace. Matthew Henry says , “His feet like fine brass burning in a furnace, may denote the firmness of his appointments, and the excellence of his proceedings.” Matthew Poole says, “By the feet of Christ (probably) are signified his ways, counsels, and methods, in ordering and governing his church, which are compared to fine brass, for the beauty and glory of them, and for their firmness, strength, and steadiness.” His feet are beautiful because they bring the good news of the message of peace and that God reigns.
His voice is like the sound of many waters. Elliott says, “His voice as the sound (better, voice, as the same word—phoné—is used twice, and translated first “voice” and then “sound” in our English version) of many waters.—Daniel described the voice of the Ancient of Days as the voice of a multitude (Daniel 10:6); but the voice of the multitude was in earlier Hebrew writings compared to the sound of the waves of the sea, which the voice of the Lord alone could subdue (Psalm 65:7; Psalm 93:4). This image the Evangelist adopts to describe the voice of Christ—strong and majestic, amid the Babel-sounds of earth. That voice, whose word stilled the sea, sounds as the waves of the sea” Matthew Henry states, “His voice as the sound of many waters, may represent the power of his word, to remove or to destroy.”
There is no voice in all creation like this voice. It brings comfort to the weary, judgment to the arrogant and victory to the oppressed. The volume of this voice denotes the majesty and power of God.