His grace is sufficient!

Paul coined these word’s, "My grace is sufficient for you." in 2 Cor 12:9.  Paul at the time had what he call a thorn in the flesh.  It was something that had been bothering him and three times he asked the Lord to take it away and this phrase was the Lord’s answer.  There are times when the Lord answers in the negative and that is when we have to trust Him.  Paul learn in that time that God’s grace was enough.  Paul actually stated that God’s power is made perfect in our weakness.  We learn through this verse that God loves to use people who have learned to rely on Him.  Paul even went as far to say that he will boast of his weaknesses so the power of God would rest upon him.  In my early Christian life, I came across a story called, "The other side of the mountain."  It was the story of a young girl that broke her neck in a ski accident.  The story was about her recovery and how God used that and her sitting in a wheel chair for His glory.  There are many things I do not understand.  Suffering is one of those things.  Yet some of the greatest victories in life come from suffering, persecution, trials and problems.  I myself have learned some of my best lessons in times where I was in deep need.  Do I wish for suffering, weakness or trouble, no.  I do however want God’s will and best in any situation.  So if you are going through some deep waters or dark times.  Let this verse be your verse today.  Please remember all things come to pass, they do not stay.