Honor God

In Prov 14:41, Solomon makes a simple but profound truth.  Those who oppress the poor do not honor God.  Those who are kind to the poor honor God.  One of the exhortations that Jesus gave to the people of God in Matt 25, is that we are to take care of the poor.  When we do that we are doing it to Him.  Mother Theresa was asked one time how she could minister to the lepers of Calcutta.  She told the interviewer that she looked at the lepers as Jesus in His distressing disguise.  Literally every time she ministered to the poor she was looking into the face of Jesus.  God has always been the God of oppressed.  The story of the Exodus is a story of liberation from slavery.  Slavery comes in many forms.  Any one who is infirmed, in trouble or oppressed needs freedom.  Jesus said in Isaiah 61:1-3, that He came to set the captive free.  Now slavery can be physical, spiritual, emotional or intellectual.  When you are trapped and in bondage you need to be freed.  Jesus does that when we ask.  The cool thing is that you and I have also the mandate to set people free in Christ.  We can through the name of Jesus Christ.  So today go into your world and tell people about Jesus and see others get set free as you were.