Honor your Father and Mother

In Exodus 20:12, is a very important commandment, it is the one that states we are to honour our father and mother.  Honour means more than to obey and follow unconditionally.  Honour means to revere, hold in respect and high esteem.  Children today seem to have a real problem with this commandment.  The reason is simple, they have seen their parents speak and act disrespextfully to their parents.  Children learn more from their parents than any one else or any other method.  No matter what age we are, honouring our parents is important.  Paul states that this is the first commandment with a promise.  The promise, is that if we honour our parents that we will live long in the land.  Honour your parents and do soething practical.  Phone them and tell them how much you love them.  Our promises today is Phil 4:13, Prov 16:7 and Psalm 44:5-7.  Our proverb from Robert Dean Steel is.  "Live your life so well that the town gossip will vouch for you."