Household Salvation

On the morning show I will be talking about Joshua 24:15, where Joshua tells the nation of Israel that they have a choice to make.  They can follow the ways of God or the ways of the nations around them but as for himself and his house they will serve the Lord.  Joshua made sure that those in his world knew that his choice would be the Lord.  We have the same opportunity.  Today we are living in a time where it seems that every where we look people are making wrong choices.  Many today are turning away from the things of God and making choices that are even anti-God.  Materialism, pride and pleasure are the order of the day.  Yet the choice for the Christian is clear.  As for ourselves and our house we will serve the Lord.  Compromise is something we cannot afford.  Deut 6:7, says that we are to teach our children about the Lord every chance we get.  This is done by role modeling and mentoring our faith in a mannner of love, acceptance and forgiveness.  My exhortation for you today is love the Lord with all your heart and then love your family as you love yourself and you will see household salvation.