Humility and Meekness

In Gal 6:14, Paul had a desire that is contrary to most ways of thinking.  Paul stated he did not boast about anything except the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Pride and conceit are two things that God cannot stand.  It was pride that caused the fall of satan.  It was pride that brought the fall of Adam and Eve.  Men by nature are boastful and proud.  We are legends in our own minds.  Nebuchadnezzer was brought low by God because of his pride.  I have known many men who will not do two things.  One is that they will not admit when they are wrong and the other is to say that they are sorry.  They look at these two as a sign of weakness.  The godly opposites of pride and conceit are humility and meekness.  Jesus said whoever humbles themselves will be exalted and whoever exalts themselves will be humbled.  The Lord wants us to only boast of what Christ has done.  Paul states that because of the death of Christ the world has been crucified to him and he to the world.  That simply means that the world does not hold the same attraction.  In the 1982 PAOC Biennial conference, the late David Wilkerson said that the world no longer had any hold on him because he has seen Jesus Christ.  When we see Jesus we only want to serve and love Him.  Your promises today are:  James 4:7, 1 John 4:4, 1 Cor 10:13, Psalm 1, Isaiah 53:5 and 1 Cor 11:23.  You Insightful Saying are:  The reason most of us do not like the Bible is because it exposes the real condition of our hearts.  The Bible is a book of reformation but it starts with the individual who becomes God’s instrument to reform society.