Hunger for Righteousness

In Matt 5:6, Jesus said that whoever hungers and thirsts for righteousness shall be filled.  Over the years I have found that this scripture is now become the exception and not the norm.  Yes, there are many people who are thirsty and hungry but for the wrong things.  Today is seems that many who call themselves Christians are hungry for money, things, fame, popularity and success.  Their desire for righteousness is not as it should be.  Yet something is also happening in the Spirit.  There is a small remnant of Christians who are not satisfied with where they are or the present condition of the church of Jesus Christ.  This small group is now calling out to God for a revival and for a move of the Spirit.  They see the present condition of the church and this world and are saying something has got to change.  One thing is true, the church is going through change.  Liberal voices are beginning to carry the day in certain denominations but there is a counter revolution as well.  There is a remnant who are saying, "We need God to move in our midst."  Their voice is becoming stronger.  Like the prophets of old they are saying, "God move in me, let me carry your message."  Like Moses of old they are saying, "Lord if your presence does not go with me, I will not take one more step."  The question I am asking you, "Is where are you."  Have you become cold and indifferent or are you hungry, desperate for righteousness."  If you hungry and thirsty then you will be filled.  Today refuse to stay in a state of normality but hunger and thirst for righteousness.  Desperately call out to God and say, "God I will not let you go until you will bless me," and He will.