Hypocrisy and worry

Jesus in Luke 12 deals with the issues of hypocrisy and worry.  He gave this teaching to His disciple and ultimately to us.  Jesus told the disciple to be on their guard against the yeast of the Pharisees which is loving traditions and money more than God.  Nothing shall be hidden and all that has been spoken in private will be shouted from the house tops.  A good rule of thumb is think before you speak.  Jesus then says does not fear those who can kill the body but be afraid of God who puts the body and soul into hell.  God will take care of you as you serve Him.  Acknowledge Jesus before men and He will acknowledge you before the Father.  Do not speak against the Holy Spirit or you will not be forgiven.  When in trouble do not worry about what you are going to say because the Holy Spirit in that moment will give you the words and He will give you the wisdom.  Be on guard against greed in any form and do not be like the rich fool who died in his sin.  Riches and the cares of this life will take you aware from God.  It is not poverty but prosperity that is the enemy of the child of God.