I will confess

March 20 – Psalm 32:5 – I will confess


     David throughout this psalm is unloading his heart and the reality of being a forgiven person.  He says when I acknowledged my sin to you.  Sin when exposed to the light it becomes hollow in its power.  David said, “I brought this sin out in the open.”  He did not want it to have power over him anymore.  Sin loves the dark.  Terry Jacks said, “that evil grows in the dark and its part of us.”  How true but once exposed to the light it loses its power.   David brought it to the Lord.  He knew he could not hide it from an all knowing God.  

     David did not cover up his sin or blame someone else for it.  He owned it and when that happened it becomes our responsibility to get rid of it.  David confessed his transgression to the Lord and God forgave Him.  This is redemption and salvation in its purest form.  Let us confess our sin and He will be faithful and just to forgive us of our sin.  Such a great thought today.