I will never become a Vigon

   I have heard that all the rage in California is being a vigon.  It is a so called healthy lifestyle based on certain foods prepared in a certain way.  Well today I was introduced to vigon marshmellows.  They are 17 times heavier than regular marshmellows are white and have no taste.  Why is it when something is supposely good for you always tastes like card board.  I then tasted a glocuse free cookie.  Now undersand I am not a sugar kind of guy.  I swore off sweets because when I was 13.  I ate 3 packages of cookies and got sick and never wanted that experience again.  So those at the table said, "This cookie you will like."  Those are those words I think are going to haunt me forever.  I took one bite of the cookie and can say without any fear of discussion ate the worst cookie I have ever ate in my life.  It felt like the time I ate all those cookies again.  So if you like that natural stuuf and food go ahead.  Have ahealthy and tasteless life as for me and my household bring on the cheese whiz and peanut butter.