If Your Presence

In Exodus 33:14-15, Moses makes a statement that we should all live by.  He told the Lord that if the Lord’s presence did not go with Him he would not go any where.  We should not try or go any where unless the Lord is with us.  Day by day we face challenges and opportunities where we need the Lord’s presence.  To try to face these things by ourselves will either mean disaster or man made results.  I marvel every day at those who try to meet life head on by themselves.  They have limited vision and resources.  Then when they are thrown on the side of the road they wonder what happened.  Jesus promised in Matt 28:20, that He would never leave or forsake us.  What a wonderful promise knowing that God is with us.  Yet we also must make a decision to allow the Lord to be with us.  We should not go any where unless the Lord is with us.  It makes life and things so much easier.  So today make your decision and let the Lord be with you.  You will then have the power and resources of heaven at your disposal and you can face anything that life brings at you with confidence and victory because you are not alone and that the Lord is with you.