Importance of going to church

It is Sunday again and time for the people of God to go to church.  David stated in Psalm 122, "Ì was glad when the said, let us go to the house of theLord."  Going to church to one of the four essentials of spiritual growth.  Church along with prayer, the reading of God’s word and sharing our faith helps us grow.  Anyone of these four missing in our walk with God will cause us to be out of balance with ourselves and God.  There are people who will read this blog and because of hurt, pride, lack of knowledge or a number of other things will disagree with me.  Yet if you look at the habits of Jesus Christ Himself, He attended a place of worship on the Jewish day of worship.  If Jesus thought the practice of attendance to the House of the Lord was important shouldn’t those who follow Him have the same habit.  Unless of course you are more in the know than Jesus was.  So today I encourage you to attend a Bible believing church and grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ as Peter said in 2 Pet 3:18.