In Him We Trust

In Matt 12:21, there is a statement made from Isaiah about Jesus.  It says, "And in His name Gentiles will trust."  Jesus has an amazing name.  The name Jesus means, "He is salvation."  The name of Jesus has always spark controversy.  For those who are perishing it is the name in which they can be saved.  For the religious it is a name that causes them to mock, malign and get confused.  It is the name by which men get saved.  It is in some circles a name that has been turned into a swear word, an I don’t care word.  Have you ever heard someone drop their books in a mud puddle by mistake and say, "Ah Budda or Krishna."  Have you ever heard the name of Confucius used a cuss word at a construction site.  When was the last time you saw a violent movie or T.V. show where they cursed someone in the name of Mohammed.  Jesus Christ is a man who stands at the cross roads of human history and He has change the course of it.  Matthew points out here that the gentiles will put their trust in His name.  Thousands of people everyday are putting their trust in Jesus.  The name that is above all names.  Right now I am giving you the opportunity to put your trust in His name.  You can in this moment have both eternal and abundant life.  Don’t reject Jesus, He is Savior and Lord.  Make Him yours and live life everlasting.  You can trust Him.