In it for the long haul.

Being a Christian is not for the weak of heart or the person who is only planning for the short term.  Paul writes in Roman 5:4 that endurance works patience and patience produces hope.  Being a Christian is like running a long distance race, it is how you finish that is more important than how you start.  I was a long distance runner when I was in High School.  Truth be told I went to the Alberta provincials twice.  I knew that starting off fast lead to disaster so learning to pace oneself was essential.  Being a Christian is like that.  You live each day as if Jesus was coming back that day but you pace yourself.  One reality is that you will never do all the things you would like to do.  So make what God’s wants you to do a priority and do that.  For example, read the Bible, pray, go to church and tell others about Him.  Love God, your family and be a person of influence.  Start off everyday with the thought that this is His day and you will do everything you can to please Him and follow His plans for the day.  Then as the years go by you will notice how many people you have touched and how many things have gotten done.  You will notice that you have been a person of endurance, patience has developed and you have hope.  A little boy was noticing his grandfather reading his bible.  The little boy said, "Grandpa what are you doing?"  Without missing a beat, he replied, "Studying for my final exams."  It is not how you start that matters with God, it is how you finish.  Finish well.