In My Name

In John 16:24, Jesus gives us a great exhortation.  He says, "Ask the Father anything in my name and He will give it to you."  What a great promise for prayer.  No matter you are facing or whatever you need, you can ask the Father in Jesus’ name and you will have it.  Do you  need healing, forgiveness, strength or breakthrough?  God will give it to you in Jesus name.  I love the name of Jesus.  It is such a powerful name.  At the name of Jesus every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord.  In the name of Jesus we have the victory as the chorus says.  What do you need for victory today?  Go and pray in Jesus name and you will have it.  This is a refrigerator verse.  It is a verse to put on the mirror that you see everyday.  God has given us the victory.  So today in the name of Jesus go and be a conqueror.  No more being a victim or being defeated.  I love that old chorus. "I will not be defeated."  This is such a powerful truth.  To know that God is on your side and that through Jesus you will have the victory because anything we ask the Father in Jesus’ name shall be done.  This is shouting ground so go and win your victory today.