In MyLIfe

There is an old song that says, "In my life Lord be glorified."  That was the theme of Jesus’ life.  It is evident by what He said in the book of John.  Jesus often said,  "If you see me, you see the Father and if your see the Father, you see me."  He would also say, "I only do the work of my Father."  What a testimony, to be so in tune with the Father you only do His will.  So how does one accomplish this?  Well to see the secrets of ths holy life you only have to examine Jesus’ personal times with God.  Now the gospels only give us glimpses of Jesus prayer life but here is what we see.  We see a man who often went by Himself all night in prayer.  He certainly had extended times of prayer whenever He had a major decision.  The clearest picture of His personal prayer time is shown in the garden of Gethsame.  Jesus went off by Himself and fell to His knees and prayed with such intensity that He sweat drops of blood.  Jesus was a man of emotion and prayed with such intensity, it was a physical as well as a spiritual exercise.  The content of His prayer is also of note.  He prayed, "Lord not my will be thine be done."  His desire was to do not His will but the will of God.  Lastly, He did not leave that place of prayer until the  matter was settled.  So from this prayer time we glean three turths to leave with you this morning.  First when you pray, put everything into it.  The deeper the intensity and emotion, the deeper the meaning it has for you personally.  Secondly, pray until you are sure of the will of God.  That is why having a bible close at hand is so important.  As you pray God will give you scriptures to go along with what He is saying into your heart.  Lastly, do not leave that place of prayer until you are sure what the will of God is.  Usually a peace will come upon you and you then know the matter is settled.  Jesus is our example in all things.  Follow His example and you will have a strong relationship with God like He did.