In one Moment

A young man was visiting a older friend in hospital when the conversation turn to spiritual matters.  The older man said, "you really have something, I have seen such a change in your life."  "Thank you," replied the young man.  The young man paused and thought to himself, "should I tell him about Christ."  "No, the weekend is coming and I tell him on Monday," he reasoned.  So the moment passed and the conversation turned to other light hearted matters.  The young man as he left felt strongly convicted about missing an opportunity so he resolved that following Monday when he returned he would tell his friend about Jesus Christ.     True to his word he returned Monday to his friend’s hospital room to find it empty and cleaned.  He went to the nurses station and asked if his friend had gone home or been transferred.  The nurse told him that his friend had died on Saturday.  The young man turned and walked out broken hearted.  First, because his friend was dead and secondly because he had an opportunity to share Christ and he did not.     The Kingdom of God is advanced by listening to the Spirit and being obedient.  Some opportunities never come again.