In the right place

David wrote in Psalm 16:8, that he chose to keep the Lord in the proper place and because of the Lord’s right hand he would not be moved.  David had made a decison to stay in the right place with God.  He knew that only by staying in a right relationship with the Lord that he would not be moved.  David knew that he needed God’s power to overcome the trials and storms that we all face in life.  In Hebrew thought the right hand was the power or strength hand.  When ever you extended your right hand it was a sign of strength and a pledge to lend your power to a situation.  God will be with you.  He has extended His hand of friendship and love to you today.  When you make a decision to involved the Lord in every part of your life He will be at your right hand.  You will not be moved and the Lord will give His power and strength to face and overcome whatever you face.  So today position yourself in the love and strength of the Lord.  Take His hand and win the victory over whatever you face today.