Inspiration and Encouragement

I love being a Christian.  It floats my boat and turns my crank.  To know that I always have someone in my corner or working behind the scenes on my behalf is such a comforting place to be.  I know life at times can be unfair and problematic.  I am aware that trials, problems and tribulation come but I also know that I am not alone.  God is always there and always willing to help.  Matthew 28:20, reminds us that the Lord will never leave or forsake us.  He may not be visible but His presence is always close by.  One time my wife and I were in a time of major decision.  We were at the time living in central Alberta and were thinking about our future.  As a young couple we were very naive about life in general.  It was a crisis time for us and we really needed answers.  We were praying and talking about this subject of future when our little sheltie dog named Bear looked at the corner of our living room/dining room.  His eyes fixed on that area for a moment and he gave a small whine.  I said, "Bear what’s wrong," and instantly the presence of God filled the room.  My wife and I literally cried and fell to the floor for more than half an hour.  After God’s presence left we felt an assurance in our hearts that everything would be alright and of course it was.  The lesson we learned that day was that God would lead us and He would always be with us.  Even now as I write this I know this fact to be true.  So today I encourage you to let God be an active part of your life.  The great thing to know is that He is always just a prayer away.