Jan 27 – Devotion on Ephesians


4 But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy,


In Vs 4, Paul introduces the great but. This word but has a great significance in this moment. God in His great love for us chose to do something about the sin problem. In the Old Testament, he covered sin through the blood of animals but He had a greater plan in action. Love is the nature and character of God. The Apostle John says it is who God is. Jesus said that people would know that we are His disciples by the way that we love one another. God’s love is beyond understanding, its height depth, breadth, and width is awesome.

Paul says that God’s love is the motivating factor in His mercy. Mercy is the ability and right to punish a person and you do not choose to.  Instead, you pardon them. God is rich in mercy. His mercy is abundant and vast. There is nothing that compares to the love and mercy of God, We deserved wrath but instead receive the great love and rich mercy of God.