Jan 4 – The wicked – Psalm 1:4-5


     David then gives us a picture of what happens to the wicked.  First, everything they do will come to nothing.  There are like chaff.  They will blow away in the winds of life.  They have no stability.  They have no root or resources to sustain them when the trials of life come.  They will not have abundant or a fruitful life.  Imagine spending your life, gaining, producing or receiving nothing of value .  When I was working at a Care Centre I remember a man called Alex Guschinsky.  He died at the age of 77 a resident of that institution.  He had relatives but when it came time for his funeral no one came but the preacher, the funeral director and me.  I came because I was assigned to on behalf of the Care Centre.  I thought wow, here is a man who live 77 years and no one came to his funeral except those who were assigned to do so.  What a sad day.  I vowed that would never happen to me.  I am so blessed with a loving wife, 4 wonderful children, grandchildren, family and friends.  You can gain the whole world and lose your soul.  Today be righteous and have a fruitful and meaningful life.  Don’t be wicked because you will be like the popular pop song, “Nothing but dust in the wind.”