Jesus accused of Blasphemy

May 20 – Jesus accused of Blasphemy – Matt 12:12-37


Jesus had healed a man who was deaf and blind.  This man’s sicknesses were caused by demonic power.  After Jesus did this the Pharisees accused Jesus of healing by satan’s power.  Here are the lessons we can learn from this passage today.   Jesus drove the demons out by the Spirit of God so the Kingdom of God was upon that generation.

Satan is described as a strong man that has to be defeated by the Spirit of God.   He who is with Jesus scatters and anyone who blasphemes the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven.  Things that are done by God and attributed to satan will not be forgiven.

Things said against Jesus Christ will be forgiven but not when they are said against the Holy Spirit.   Trees are recognized by fruit and the Pharisees showed theirs in this instant.  They showed that their father was the devil.

People walk a fine line when they attacked the work of the Holy Spirit, whether the gifts or fruit.