Jesus and John the Baptist.

I like to call Jesus and John the Baptist the dynamic duo.  No two men at on time affected history like these two.  When John the Baptist came on the scene he was preaching a message of repentance and was gettting people ready for the coming of Jesus.  He was telling them to get rid of their sins and show it in a practical way by getting baptised in water.  Jesus would later come and baptise people with the Spirit and with fire.  John had the privilege of baptizing Jesus in the Jordan river.  It would be at this baptism that Jesus would have the Holy Spirit light on Him in the form of a dove and the voice of the Father testify that Jesus was the Father’s son in whom He was well pleased.  John would see this event.  Both men had powerful ministries together and separate.  I believe that God is looking for dynamic duo’s today.  People who will work together for the glory of God.  David said in Psalm 133:1, "how good and pleasant for brethen to dwell together in unity."  It is unity and working together that brings the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit.  It would be wonderful to see spouses working together more.  To see familes working together.  To see church leaders and pastors working together more.  To see churches working together.  What would be even more wonderful is seeing the whole body of Christ functioning the way it is suppose to, in unity.  Unity is a choice and a privilege.  We see in the life of Christ and John the Bpatist this example.  Let us follow it for the glory of God.  Your promises today are:  Joshua 1:5 & 8, 24:15, Psalm 133:1, Heb 10:25 and Rev 12:11.  Your Insightful Sayings are:  Possession of material gain and the pursuit of things is like trying to drain the ocean with a thimble.  You can be aware of time and places and not be aware of where you are iin life.