Jesus and the Holy Spirit

In John 16, Jesus says that He will send the Holy Spirit who will lead us into all truth.  The Holy Spirit is the one that draws us to Christ and then regenerates our hearts and changes us from the inside out.  He then dwells in us and daily works with us to draw us closer to God.  We become His temple and the place He dwells.  He will continue working with us to bring our minds, emotions will, attitudes and motives under the submission of Christ.  Jesus said the Holy Spirit will take what He hears from the Father and pass it unto us.  The Holy Spirit will also help us to pray and understand the word.  He will gives us the desire for worship, going to church and sharing our faith.  The Holy Spirit does so much to help us to live a victorious life.  Our part is to allow Him to do what He wishes in our lives.  My challenge for you today is to allow the Holy Spirit to have the prominent place in your life.  He will enable you to live not only a good life but an abundant life in the Lord.  Your promises are today:  John 16, 1 Cor 6:19-20, James 4:7, and 1 John 4:4.  Your Insightful Sayings are:  The folly of today is that we look to the beautiful people to show what life is like when truthfully they have no idea what they are doing.  Through the example of Solomon we learn that early wisdom does not prevent later folly.