Jesus and the Women

Jesus meets the other Women – Matt 28:8-10      Jesus is appearing now every where.  The women had just left the tomb and they were filled with joy and fear.  They were going to tell the other disciples what had happened.  Jesus met then and greeted them.  They did three things, they came, they held his feet and they worshipped Him.  He tells them not to be afraid.  The Lord always deals with our fears and then He re-emphasized the angel’s message of going into Galilee and waiting for Him there to meet them.      When ever we encounter the Lord there is always going to be a reaction.  It will be fear, awe amazement and joy.  In the case of the women they were fearful and joyful.  When God does something wonderful in our lives we are always joyful but we also are in awe of Him.  It is beautiful to know that the God f the universe still works on our behalf.  Trust Him today and you will see His glory at work.