Jesus Ascends

Luke 24:50-51     Jesus and the disciples go out of the city up the Mount of Olives as far as Bethany.  Now for some dramatic staging.  Jesus lifts his hands and He blesses them.  He gives them His final blessing.  The lifting of hands is very symbolic for two reasons.  Paul says that we lift up holy hands with wrath and malice.  When you lift up your hands it is a sign of surrender and submission.  Jesus had submitted to the will of the Father and He was about to return to the Father for good.  His earthly ministry was over.  For forty days He had shown Himself alive with many undeniable truths.  Secondly when we raise you hands you are asking for a divine connection.  Jesus had given them the instructions to stay in Jerusalem until they be endued with power from on high.  This blessing was part of that connection.  Then as Jesus was raising His hands the began to ascend towards heaven in front of Him.  Of course we know in the same manner that He ascended He will descend again.  The question is, “Are you ready for His coming and do you have a divine connection with the Father through Jesus?  Are you empowered by the Holy Spirit?  If not get connected today and be a blessing.