Jesus’ Authority

Jesus’ Authority – Matt 7:28-29


Jesus had just finished this powerful sermon.  The principles of the Kingdom had been presented.  God’s real view of religious life had been presented.  Jesus through this sermon revolutionized religious teaching up to this point.  When Jesus finished His sayings the people were astonished at His doctrine.  Doctrine means a set of principles or belief held by a group or teacher.  Jesus had just outlined His beliefs and principles.  These of course were God’s view on eternal and abundant life.

Jesus taught as one with authority.  Jesus had heaven standing behind Him.  He spoke under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  He was speaking the will of the Father.  When Jesus spoke He revealed the will, plans and purposes of the Father.  Jesus stated in the book of John that when the see Him they saw the Father and if they saw the Father they saw Him.  Jesus was God with a face.  He was the perfect union of the natural and the divine.  He was the God man.  The power of God was behind every thought, word, deed, attitude and motive Jesus did.  He taught with authority not like the scribes or religious teachers of the day.  It was clear that the scribes taught man made religion, traditions and doctrine.  The people after this sermon knew the difference and they would never be the same.  When you come to Christ and see Him as He is, you will never be the same.