Jesus Call Us to be Released.

Matt 11:28 is the famous verse about Jesus calling people to lay their burdens on Him and to take His yoke for it is easy and the burdens He gives are light.  We live in a world where stress seems to be king.  There are a thousand voices who seem to cry for our attention.  We have untold situations that seem to place greater burdens on our lives than ever before.  I remember before cell phones and e mails that life seemed simpler.  E mail was suppose to make our lives easier but now many of us spend more time just answering our e mails than every before.  Cell phones are designed to make life easier but now we have to make laws so people don’t use their cell phones at the wrong time.  Life has not gotten simpler with technology but more complicated.  There is one who can help you slow down, His name is Jesus Christ.  You can turn your burdens and life over to Him and He will help you.  One of the advantages of a life in Christ is that you will get God’s priorities.  You will find as you pray, read the Bible, go to church and share your faith that life becomes a lot simpler.  You begin to see that the way of love is the path you follow.  Quiet times of reflection on the things of God gives real clarity to life.  When I have spent time with God things become real clear.  I know what God wants for my life and I have His priorities.  If you seem to answering the urgent and are running in crisis mode all the time, slow down and spend some quality time with God.  He will help you.  You don’t have to run away and live in the woods to make life simple, just spend time with God.  Remember Jesus promised with Him He will make your life easy and your burdens light.