Jesus’ first miracle

John 2:1-11 – Jesus’ First Miracle.


This is the account of where Jesus turns the water into wine.  Jesus is invited to a wedding.  He goes there with His disciples.  The wine runs out and Jesus mother comes to Him and tells Him about it.  Jesus replies to His mother that this has nothing to do with Him.  But His mother instead of becoming offended over His answer told the servants to do whatever Jesus told them to do.  A lesson here is that when you first get refused by God instead of becoming offended and hurt do whatever he asked you to do next.  This is a test that happens become the miracle comes.

Jesus told the servants to bring out water pots and fill them with water which they did.  Jesus then turns the water into wine which then is brought to the governor of the feast, who declares the wine to be the best he has ever tasted.  When Jesus brings a miracle of supply it will be the best miracle you could ever receive up to that time.  Here are three others lesson we can learn from this account today.


1.       This miracle shows Jesus’ abundance and compassion.

2.       Mary His mother was a woman of perception and obedience.

3.       Jesus was telling all at that wedding that the time of His ministry had started and through Him God would be glorified.  I trust that would be your desire as well.