Jesus His Dominion

In Matt 8:27, we see Jesus having command over the elements.  He has just calm the winds and the waves.  In another place we see Jesus walking on the water.  Jesus was and is an amazing individual.  When He was walking on the earth, He healed all who came to Him and He ministered God’s love.  Jesus showed what the Father was really like.  God has always had a great love for mankind.  From the first time He breathed life into Adam until this moment God has had a deep affection for mankind.  We are His greatest creation.  When mankind sinned He already had a plan in place.  One day the Father would send the Son to be our sacrifice for sin and allow us to have a relationship with God.  Jesus allowed Himself to suffer the agonies of the cross so that you and I could be called the sons and daughters of God.  His broken body and shed blood became the avenues of healing and redemption.  Jesus knew His hours of the cross would secure eternity for all mankind.  Jesus said, "Perfect love is shown by the fact you lay down your life for a friend."  Jesus laid down His life for us even before we knew Him.  This is amazing.  So today as you go about your day and enjoy all the benefits of heaven remember Jesus did that for you.  Your promises are.  Isaiah 9:6-7, Zech 9:10, Matt 8:27, Eph 1:22 and 1 Pet 3:22.  Your Insightful Sayings are:  Seek God first and His blessings second.  Never follow the crowd it rarely knows where it is going.