Jesus His Final Week

Through the next week I will be focusing on the passion week.  The week prior to Jesus going to the cross is a wonderful and terrible week.  Jesus knew that this would the last week of His life and so it was His desire to maximize His effort in the minimum of time.  He knew that on Friday He would be giving His life for the sins of mankind.  Interesting it would start with a parade and end up on the cross.  In one week He would go from being adored by the crowds to being crucified at their word.  That said something about the crowd.  They never know what they want.  That is a good lesson for us.  The majority is not always right.  We may lived in a democracy but that does not mean the majority is right.  In Jesus’ case the crowd was dead wrong and it would cost them so much.  So here is my thought for today.  Like Jesus we do not know when the Lord will come and take us home.  So my exhortation for today is to live every day as if this was our last day on the planet and to maximize every day for the glory of God.  That means every thought, word, deed, attitude and motive should be based on how we can bring glory to the Lord for this day.  The Psalmist writes, "This is the day the Lord hath made let us rejoice in it."  I will add one further thought.  Let us use it for His glory and change our world’s.