Jesus in Nazareth

Luke 2:50-51


Jesus goes back to Nazareth and for some 18 years very is little known about how He lived.  We know that He grew up and after His father died He operated the carpenter business until the time of His ministry was to start.  Jesus was part of a large family at five boys and he had sisters as well.  As the oldest it would have been His responsibility to take care of the family after His father died.  That is probably one of the reasons why He did not start His ministry until 30.


1.       Jesus spent some 18 years waiting for the go ahead of the plan and purpose God had for Him.

2.       He grew in grace and favour with God and man.  These were years of preparation.  Often waiting is providential discipline for those a great task has been given.

3.       It must have been hard but Jesus was willing to wait.  We must learn to do the same.  Waiting often keeps us from trouble and in the will of God.