Jesus in the Temple

In Luke 2:41-50, we see Jesus going to Jerusalem with His parents to the Passover feast when He was twelve.  When it was time to leave He stayed in Jerusalem at the temple.  His parents did not realize that He was not with them until they were well on their way.  In those days they travelled in large groups for protection.  His parents returned to Jerusalem and it took them three days to find Jesus.  When they asked Jesus why he was there he replied, "where else would I be but in my Father’s house."  Even then Jesus understood His mission and purpose.  Jesus went back to Nazareth and obeyed His parents from then on.  Here are some lessons we can learn from this story.  We find that Jesus was dedicated to the Jewish faith.  That people in those days travelled in large groups for protection.  Jesus was a boy who was not afraid to ask questions and we should not either.  Even as a boy Jesus amazed people with His wisdom and understanding.  Even as a boy Jesus know that God was His Father and His purpose in life.  We can as well.  Jesus knew the important of God’s house.  True sons and daughters of God will want to be in their Father’s House.  Jesus was a role model and model child.  He honored and obeyed His parents.  Excellent lessons for us to learn today.  Your promised are:  Psalm 25:2, 40:4, 122:1, Isaiah 12:2, 1 Thess 2:3, Heb 10:25 and 1 Jn 2:20.  Your Insightful Sayings are:  True wisdom is found in the things that are not seen, not in things that are seen.  Encouraging others is a mark of someone who has learned the path of love.