Jesus is the door

In John 10:9, Jesus describes Himself as a door. If any one comes through Him they will be saved and when they are, they will go out and in and find pasture for their soul. This is quite the promise. When a person comes to the Father through Jesus Christ, the first thing that happens is that they get saved. They get saved from their sins. Sin is the thing that separates us from God. It is the thing that makes us enemies of God. When a person comes through Jesus Christ they are literally opening the doors and blessings of heaven into their lives. The next thing that happenes is that they can go in and out through this door. It means that we can walk into the blessings of God. Jesus said that we will find green pastures. This of course is a metaphor of the goodness and provision of the Lord. It is place of rest and security. Through Jesus Christ we have been given access to all the goodness of God. You have eternal and abundant life. You have righteousness, peace and joy. You have love, acceptance and forgiveness. You have faith, hope and love and so much more. Today enter through the door Jesus Christ. Receive and live in the marvelous benefits of salvation and find rest for your soul The Lord will meet your need for significance, security and self worth. In Christ you will see the goodness and love of God in your life today.