Jesus Knows

Feb 4 – Jesus knows – Rev 2:9

Vs 9 – Jesus knows their afflictions. Once again the church has suffered. There would be several more persecutions. The church as well like Ephesus had been persecuted. This was not a rich church in the sense of physical wealth. They had been stripped of everything materially. Yet they were rich in that which really counts. Love, peace, joy, endurance, faithfulness, obedience, truth, righteousness, wisdom and self control.
They had been slander by the chosen people of God. The Jews had persecuted them. They had been accused and mocked. Those who did this are called the followers of satan. Jesus calls them the synagogue of satan. They have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof. When someone accuses, mock or slanders they are using satan’s attack schemes. This also identifies them for who they are. By their fruits you will know them.