Jesus Minister to a Man like Us!

The Bible is full of great accounts of Jesus ministering to the ordinary person.  One time there was a woman who lived around the area of Sidon in modern day Lebanon.  She heard that Jesus could heal and so she came down to where Jesus was and asked him to heal her child.  At first Jesus ignored her.  This seemed out of character for Jesus but from the story we learn He was seeing how bad she wanted her child’s healing.  She refused to be ignored or not to get her answer.  She was persistent and Jesus eventually told her to go home and her child would be made well.  It was her persistence that Jesus was impressed with.  When she did not get her answer the first time or even the second she did not give up.  She kept asking.  Persistent faith is the type that never gives up.  You do not give up until the Lord blesses.  Jacob when he was wrestling with the Angel of the Lord, He put a head lock on the angel and would not let Him go until the angel blessed Jacob.  You have to do the same.  You never give up.  You stay with something until God answers one way or another and you know it.  The Lord says, "Test me and see if I do not open the windows of heaven."  What do you want from God?  What do you need from God?  Do not give up until you have your answer.  The woman from Sidon didn’t and she got her child healed.  You must do the same.