Jesus offers more proof

Jesus offers more proof – Luke 24:41-45     The apostles and those with them were still not convinced so Jesus asked them if they had any meat.  They gave Him some fish and a piece of honey comb and He ate it in front of them.  Jesus presented them with two proofs that He was alive.  Jesus then told them that all the words He spoke in their presence came from three sources.  They were the Law of Moses. The Prophets and the Psalms.  In these scriptures over 300 prophecies had been written about Him and He had fulfilled them all.  Jesus told His disciples before His death, burial and resurrection that He came not to do away with the law but to fulfill it.  Then Jesus opened us their mind to understand the scriptures.  In that moment they saw clearly who Jesus was and why He had come.  May your prayer be the same.  Do not walk in fear but in the joy of knowing who Jesus is and what the scriptures say about Him.  Ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten and teach you about who Jesus is, and the wonderful life He has in store for you.