Jesus our Healer.

A man who sitting on the road one day heard that Jesus was walking by.  He had heard that this young rabbi from Galilee could heal.  So the blind man cried out loud and strong.  He said, "Jesus, of Nazareth have mercy on me."  When the crowd tried to shush him, he cried out louder.  Jesus finally came to him and asked him what he wanted.  The man said, "I want to see again."  Jesus then laid His hands on the man and he saw again.  In this story we learn several powerful lessons.  First when you hear about Jesus’ ability to heal, believe it.  I know there are some people who believe that healing went out with the apostolic age.  However in Heb 13:8 it says that Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever.  Which simply means that what God did then He can do now.  The second lesson we learn it that when the crowd tries to shut you up or tells you things like what I previously mentioned refuse to believe it.  Get louder and keep petitioning God.  Be like the little widow woman and keep asking until you get what you want.  James 4:2 says that you have not because you asked not.  Jesus is more than willing to heal you but you need to walk by faith and keep believing until it happens.  Recently in our church we had a lady who was told by the doctor she would need surgery to repair damage to her hearing and the doctor was not sure it was going to be successful.  She came to us for pray and together with others we prayed for her healing.  Her hearing returned that next day and when she went to see the doctor he said she did not need the surgury and she saw God heal her.  Remember if you need Jesus to heal you than ask and keep asking till the victory comes.