Jesus rejects His Brother’s Advice

Jesus rejects His Brother’s Advice – John 7:2-9


Jesus was in Nazareth when His brothers came to him and said that He should go to Jerusalem and Judea so that people could see His miracles.  He should become a public figure they thought.  They want Him to show Himself to the world.  Even His own brothers did not believe in Him.  Jesus rejected their advice and stayed for a short time in Galilee.  He would go later the feast.


1.       The brothers because of their unbelief thought like the world.  Promotion, prestige and prominence is important.

2.       They thought that Jesus should not keep Himself a secret.  The world think that a person should go and show their stuff.  Jesus was not there to be on display but to minister and save a lost and dying world.

3.       His brothers were thinking selfishly.  They wanted to be part of the limelight that Jesus was bringing.

4.       They wanted Jesus to show Himself to the world.  They did not know that the world will hate Jesus and all who follow Him.   They would not find that out till later.  The world hated Jesus because he testified to it the fact that what it is and does is evil.