Jesus sets people free.

In Jeremiah 34:8-11, Jeremiah talks about freedom for the captive.  Isaiah also talks about the same thing.  People today need to be set free from so many types of bondage.  Jesus Christ came to set people free.  The Bible says says who the Son sets free is free indeed.  In a world that is in bondage to religion, philosophy and so many other things, Christ came to bring reason and moral purity.  No matter what bondage that a person is in, Christ came to set them free.  My exhortation today is that you if you are in bondage to thoughts, words, deeds or attitudes, let Jesus Christ set you free.  Your promises today are, Isaiah 61:1-3, Psalm 34:19, 55:15-18, 91:3, 107:6, Prov 11:8, Jer 15:21, Joel 2:32, John 8:36.  Your insightful sayings are:  True knowledge is not measured by what we know but how we apply what we know.  The world is more surprised by a person that practices their faith than they are by one who preaches it.