Jesus the Great I am

   Today it seems that more people are really struggling with who Jesus is.  Maybe I should say the real struggle is with Jesus being the only Savior.  Today in an appeasement to certain religious systems many Christian leaders are saying that Jesus is just one of the Saviours mankind has been presented with.  They would say that Jesus is on par with the leaders of Islam, Budda and Krishna.  May I remind these Christian leaders that it was Jesus Himself who said in John 14:6, that He was the way, truth and the life and that no one comes to the Father except through Him.  The universal theme of the Christian church since its inception has been the that there is no other name given under heaven that men may be saved.  When the High Priest asked Jesus if he was the Son of God?  Jesus replied, "He was."  He would be put to death for this claim.  To compromise on this fact denies the very reason of why Jesus came.  Jesus died for sins of mankind and to bring salvation to man.  He was God’s answer and the only one that God has given.  The other religious leaders were teachers of moral truth and starters of religious systems but what they offer cannot save and cause a relationship with the Father.  They are dead and your know where their graves or tombs are.  Jesus proved His claim to deity by rising from the dead.  The angel of the Lord said to the women that morning, "He is risen come and see the place where He laid."  Here is something to think about Christian leader who says that Jesus is just one of many Saviors.  Either Jesus is who He said He was or He is not.  Secondly, how can you claim any faith in Christ if you do not believe that Jesus is the great I am.  Your faith is nothing but s sham and you need to repent and come back to God.  Jesus is who said He was and His resurrection prove it. Here are your promises for today:  John 3:16, 14:6 and Acts 4:12.  Your Insightful Sayings Are:  Believers are people who believe God can do it, disciples are people who see God do it.  Believers are people who mentally ascent that Jesus is the Savior and Lord.  Disciples are people that make Jesus Lord and Savior.