Jesus the only Savior

I am totally fascinated with redemption as I have stated before.  To know that I can be saved from my sins and have forgiveness of sins and be a friend of God is a wonderful thing.  Jesus stated in John 14:6, that He was the way, the truth and the life.  I remember one time I was buying some glasses in the city of Yellowknife and I was talking to the owner of the store who happened to belong to a group of universalists.  They are the people who believe there are many ways to God.  They say that Jesus is a Savior but just one of many.  He stated to me, "You know what I don’t like about you Christians, you say that your way is the only way to heaven."  I replied, "it is not us that said it but Jesus."  I then quoted John 14:6 and said that Jesus who said, He was the only way not me.  His response was, "I now see."  Now I did not lead him to Christ but I planted a seed in his life.  He now knew beyond a shadow of doubt that Jesus was the way.  Today there is a tension going on in the church where more and more Christians are falling into the trap of believing that Jesus is a Savior not the Savior.  If Jesus was not the Savior but a Savior the universality of the message is not applicable.  Budda, Krisha, Confucius, Aristotle or some other historical figure could be classified as a Savior.  Jesus however made it very clear.  He is the way, the truth and the life and no man comes to the Father but by Him.  It is through Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone that men can be saved.  Hs salvation is full and complete.  I experience it in Oct 1974 and you can receive Him today.  Just asked Jesus into your heart by faith and experience redemption that comes through jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone.