Jesus the Truth

In John 14:6. Jesus revealed something very powerful about Himself.  He made it clear that He was the way, truth and the life and that no man could come to the Father but through Him.  Jesus is the exclusive way to God.  Jesus was God’s idea.  One day I was shopping for new glasses in the city of Yellowknife and I was talking with the owner of the store who happened to be a follower of Bahai.  They are universalists.  They believe there are many ways to God.  As we were talking he said, "You know what I do not like about Christians."  I replied, "What."  He said, "You Christians say that only through Christianity can men come to God."  I Then replied, "It is not what we say, it was Jesus who said this."  Then I quoted John 14:6 and he replied, "That is pretty clear."  Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.  When the disciples were talking to the audience in Jerusalem in Acts 4, they said, there was no other name given under heaven by which men can be saved.  Jesus is the only name by which mankind can get saved.  We just finished coming through the Easter season which is the focal point of the Christian faith.  Jesus gave His broken body and shed blood for us.  He allowed Himself to be killed, buried and then He rose again.  All this was done so you and I could have eternal and abundant life.  Let us today live that fully and be full recipients of God’s grace and mercy.  Let us also tell others so they to can have what we have.  Fellowship with the Father because of Jesus Christ.  Your promises today are:  John 10:10, 3 Jn 2, James 4:7, 1 John 4:4 and 1 Pet 2:24.