Jesus washed His disciples feet

In John 13:1-20, Jesus knew it was time for Him to leave this world.  Having loved His own, Jesus wanted to show the full extent of His love.  The devil had prompted Judas Iscariot to betray Jesus but Jesus knew that the Father still had things still in His power.  Jesus would soon be returning to the Father.  So He took the towel and washed the feet of His disciples.  Peter tried to stop Him but Jesus said that if He did not wash Peter’s feet that Peter would have no part in the Kingdom of God.  Peter wanted Jesus to wash His head as well.  Jesus then replied that no one in their presence was clean.  After He had washed their feet He gave them the following truths.  First, Jesus did this to show by example, that as Jesus was, so shall all the disciples of Christ be first and foremost servants.  We will be blessed if we take this attitude.  The scripture said that the one who shared his bread with Jesus would betray Him.  This was Judas.  Jesus told His disciples these things so that they would believe in Him.  This was another evidence for them to see.  If a person is accepted because of Jesus Christ sends them, those that accept us have accepted Christ and the Father.