Jesus wins the day

When one looks at the life of Jesus Christ it is an amazing but short life.  No man taught with the authority of Jesus Christ.  The people were always amazed at His teaching.  He as able to take eternal concepts and put them in a simple but powerful format.  Jesus’ miracles touch every aspect of the human condition.  He healed the sick, blind, lame and dumb.  He raised the dead and He walked on water.  One time He was woken up during a fierce storm by His disciples and He spoke one word and the winds and waves ceased.  He was man who could command the elements.  Some would say that Jesus was larger than life.  Jesus is fondly remembered as a man who walked with compassion.  The gospel writers state in several places that Jesus was moved with compassion.  When He saw human suffering in whatever form it came He responded quickly and decisively.  The gospel writer Mark pointed out that whatever Jesus did, He did immediately.  When you are going through a trial or period of suffering Jesus will be there immediately to bring victory, comfort and help.  Jesus was a man of action and He will do the same for you.  Jesus in His earthly ministry was Savior, Healer and Messiah.  Today after His resurrection He is your Savior, Healer, Baptiser in the Holy Spirit and Soon Coming King.  Whatever you are facing today Jesus will be there to help you through.  He is your victory and overcomer and with Him in your corner you shall be these as well.