John Testimony

John’s Testimony – John 21:24-25     John now testifies that all the things he wrote are true.  This is his written statement about Jesus Christ.  Then John states that he and the other disciples know that what he has written is true and Jesus is truth.  Jesus when He testified about Himself are true.  They saw Him both in human form and resurrected form.  John makes it clear here that what he and others wrote is selective history.  John had focused on what he believed under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit needed to write as did the other writers of the Gospels.  If each incident was written down John says there would not be enough books written to cover them adequately.  John was right about one thing here.  Over the 2000 years such Jesus came billions of books have been written about Him.   Everyday thousand s of books quotes and stories are written about Him.  He is talked about by billions of people everyday.  Jesus has become the most notable and important person in history.  Not bad for a boy from a small Galilean town.  Make sure you make Him the central focus of your daily life and routine.