John the Baptist

An angel of the Lord comes to Zecharias the father of John the Baptist and tells him that he is going to have a son.  This event happened while he was duty burning incense in the temple.  The old man does not believe the message and loses the use of his voice.  True to the word of the Lord, Elizabeth his wife becomes pregnant. Here are four lessons we can learn from this passage.  First, They were to name this child John and he is never to drink wine.  John would be filled with the Holy Spirit.  Secondly, many will come to the Lord because of his message.  Thirdly, John will have the power and spirit of Elijah.  People will get their hearts ready for the coming of the Lord.  Lastly, John’s ministry will bring righteousness.  He is the voice to prepare the way of the Lord.  It is our responsibility as well during this time period we live in.